• Viticulture Services

  • Grapeworx Marlborough Ltd provides both labour and machinery to businesses in the viticulture industry in Marlborough.

  • Labour

  • We offer full spectrum contracting services for the viticulture industry. Each season in an established vineyard has a differing set of requirements, no job is too small, or too big. If our clients aren’t sure how to tackle a job, we can help with advice, right through to completion.

  • New Development

    Developing a new site: laying out and banging in posts, running wires, running irrigation and clipping to wire, nailing and clipping, setting up fruiting and lifting wires, planting, and young vine training. Removing guards once the plant is established.

  • Summer Work

    Includes bud rubbing, wire lifting, shoot thinning, clearing heads, leaf plucking and canopy maintenance, skirting and tails, fruit dropping, crop thinning, colour thinning and hand harvesting.

    Hand Harvest: full service hand harvest includes fruit picking, picking bins, vehicles to support allocation and collection of picking bins, and tractors to load bulk bins onto transport arranged by the grower, to transport grapes to their contracted winery.

  • Winter Work

    Includes pruning, painting, hand stripping, wire dropping, wrapping. Replacing broken posts and wires.

  • Machinery

  • John Deere Tractors – all machinery is kept in perfect working order, regular servicing and updating of the fleet ensures quality every time. All drivers are qualified with Grow Safe chemical handling accreditation for all spraying.

    Harvest: 2 x New Holland Grape Harvesters and Gondola.

  • Summer Work

    Includes weed spraying, bunch line and canopy spraying, mowing, trimming, topping, leaf plucking, support at hand harvest, running wires and removing wires.

  • Winter Work

    Includes trimming, barrel pruning, topping, Klima stripping, replacing broken posts.