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  • Wine has become the 5th largest goods export in New Zealand. Though the New Zealand Wine Industry is one of the youngest in the world, it continues to grow at a steady rate. The NZ Wine industry is on track to reach $2 Billion of exports by 2020.

    The services provided to the viticulture industry by vineyard contractors like Grapeworx Marlborough Ltd is an integral part of this growth.

  • Contracting
  • NZ Master Contractors

  • New Zealand Master Contractors Compliancy Is Upheld By Grapeworx Marlborough Ltd In Blenheim NZ

    Grapeworx's owner Mack Pouwhare along with Andrew Woods were founding members of NZ Masters Contractors. Mack was on the board for 6 years and Chairman for 4 years. One highlight of that time was Mack’s successful campaign to change the policy of ACC Levies for the Viticulture Industry.

    New Zealand Master Contractors Inc. (NZMCI) was formed by the horticulture and viticulture contracting industry, in association with The Labour Inspectorate, to acknowledge and reward compliance and best practices.

    Their aim is to provide employers with a reliable, skilled and professional labour force and help improve sustainability and productivity in the horticulture, viticulture and seasonal industries.

    NZ Master Contractors represents the best in contracting services for the horticulture, viticulture and other seasonal industries in New Zealand.

    All members have a current certificate of compliance from New Zealand Master Contractors Inc including GlobalGAP, or RSE scheme.

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  • New Zealand Wine

  • New Zealand Wine Industry Is Supported By Grapeworx Marlborough Ltd In Blenheim NZ

    The wines of New Zealand are distinctive and ultra-high quality. This is due to the isolation of our island nation and the cool climate of our wine-growing regions.

    Marlborough is New Zealand's premier wine region! The largest wine producing region in New Zealand, Marlborough is world renowned primarily for its production of Sauvignon Blanc wines.

    Tremendous growth is forecasted for the wine industry in Marlborough. This present an opportunity for additional workers to fill the roles that will open up.

    Grapeworx marlborough Ltd will continue to play a prominent role in supply workers throughout the Marlborough wine-growing region.

  • Health & Safety

  • Grapeworx provides and maintains a safe working environment for all staff. Our organisation is committed to the protection of its employees and others from accidental injury. We promote occupational safety, health and welfare.

    We have a comprehensive Injury Prevention System in place that is reviewed annually.

    • Promote the prevention of harm to all staff at work, by prompting excellence in health and safety management.
    • Issue all appropriate Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment (PPE) according to job requirements
    • Comprehensive induction and orientation for every staff member when starting work, regardless of previous work history with the company.
    • Define hazards and harm in a comprehensive way. And make sure staff are not exposed to hazards.
    • Formal Training for Safety Representatives appointed by the staff and the employer.
    • Assign varies duties to staff who are responsible for work, and those who do work.
    • Developed procedures for dealing with emergencies that may arise while staff are at work.